Raceways have been re-defining the concealed cable management category as an alternative to electrical conduit for close to a century. It's a great and affordable way to conceal and protect the cables in your home or office. Our cable raceways are available in different finishes as given below:

  • As per customer requirement our raceways can be divided in following sections with the help of "partition compartments":

  • Due its ease of installation, flexibility and performance capabilities, various project consultants, builders, Interior Designers, Contactors are switching over to raceways instead of traditional conduits / Panduit's / casings. In comes in different sizes and can be customized as per client's requirement and it is available in thickness staring from 18 swg to 10 swg.

    At junctions, raceways can all be joined / divided with the help of easy to install 4 way junction boxes customized for every size of raceways. These are 4 way JB's are concealed with top & side removable plates which can be opened for fixing. So 1 JB can be do the work of a Tee / cross / straight jointer. The top removable plate can be cut out to make provisions for fixing power sockets & switches. Covers of raceways are provided with 8 nos of screws to tighten the cover.